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​Blue Leaf Project

This is the Social Entrepreneurship Project 

We are a group of Grade 10 students of Aoba-Japan International school, who want to lead positive change in Papua New Guinea. We hope to support local schools that struggle with their country’s social and environmental problems through empowerment and authentic service.​

The Aoba Inquiry Cycle

2023 - 2024

  • Complete the project

  • Visit the school in person to evaluate the impact

  • Celebrate and Report

2022 - 2023

  • Connect with two schools and confirm their requirements

  • Create marketing products and start fundraising

  • Plan monthly co-active learning with the schools

AIC Cycle.png

2021 - 2022

​Understand the Context
  • Research about social issues in the Pacific Islands

  • Identify skills and attributes for social entrepreneurship

  • Meet three successful social entrepreneurs

How does our project make positive impacts?

In this Project, we will make positive impacts by supporting local communities in Papua New Guinea.  We will support them by providing the opportunities and needs to achieve their goals, creating positive changes within their community.

Our Definition of Authentic Service

Locals identify problems, and we provide support to achieve broad universal aims such as SDGs. The process is facilitated by us and the application of solutions is owned by locals.


Why do we need the people’s support?

We want to support the local schools in Papua New Guinea because they want to improve the quality of their education but their current resources limits them. However, we also lack the resources to provide material aid to them. 

That is why we encourage anyone who understands the struggles of local schools in Papua New Guinea and wants to contribute to this cause by supporting us to not only acheive our goal, but to see us carry out all of the changes which you wish to see in those local schools.

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